Sy-Klone 9001 Snorkel Upgrade Pre-filter Pre-Cleaner Air filter

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sy-Klone 9001 safari snorkel air Pre-filter Pre-Cleaner


Sy-Klone 9001 Safari Snorkel air Pre-filter pre-cleaner


Sy-klone 9001
Sy-klone 9001

4-inch Sy-Klone Series 9000 Precleaner for 100 to 275 CFM (2.83 to 7.79 m3/min)


Code: 9001

Product Description


Includes one precleaner with stainless steel clamp for airflow from 100 to 275 CFM (2.83 to 7.79 m3/min) which fits a 4-inch inlet. Adaptation parts are available for other inlet sizes. Sy‑Klone’s patented technology ejects dirt and debris before it reaches the filter housing. Maintenance-free as no dirt is collected within the unit.

Order according to airflow requirements; check the Series 9000 Sizing Calculator or the Dimensions, Airflow & Hood Clearance page to find the right model. For extreme environments, we recommend our XLR Powered Precleaner


  • Extends air filter life, which increases uptime
  • Handles all kinds of mixed debris, including mud, snow, rain, leaves, sawdust, chaff, and dust
  • Lowers cost per operating hour by reducing parts, labor, and downtime costs
  • Lowers air restriction, which increases useable horsepower and improves fuel efficiency
  • Easy to install – we have adaptation kits and parts to fit almost any machine
  • Claims against our limited warranty are practically nonexistent
  • Rugged engineered polymer construction gives you the strength of steel (without the corrosion) at the cost of plastic; the opaque material prevents operator being distracted by visible moving parts

Series 9000 a

How it Works:

  1. Air enters the underside of the dome through screened louvers, which prevents clogging by blocking any particles larger than the ejection slot from entering the unit.
  2. Curved particle accelerator blades slam air and dirt up against the sidewall
  3. Strakes along the interior surface move heavier-than-air debris towards the ejection slot
  4. Clean air continues to swirl down into the engine air inlet pipe

See more about the patented features that make the Series 9000 outperform the competition.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 16 in