Warning! This may be a little different than what you are used to reading in an “about us” column…

Our focus here at Backwoods Overland is pretty simple.


Backwoods Overland works extremely hard every day to develop and maintain positive and direct relationships with number one, our customers!

But wait… There’s more!!! (in salesman’s voice)

We also strive to do the same with the manufactures of ALL the products we sell! This allows us to not only know what the consumer is looking for, but to also be on the leading edge of what is coming to the aftermarket world today! More importantly this gives us an edge that most of our competitors do not have with their product manufactures. Backing!!

We feel that relationships are just as important to have with your manufactures as they are with your customers. Without the backing of our manufactures we feel it is impossible to deliver the level of customer service needed to be competitive in the consumer business today!

To our Customers: Thank you for choosing to do business with a small business! We really appreciate your support and all your feedback!!! A ton of energy is spent making sure you are outfitted properly in order to suit your individual needs and prepare you for your specific expedition adventures!

To our manufactures: Thank you for developing a quality product that our customers have demanded. Additionally thank you for all your support in making this small business not only possible but also successful!

To our Servicemen & Women: To those who serve this wonderful country we get to call home… you especially deserve gratitude from all of us!! Thank you for your sacrifices while keeping our homeland safe and our freedoms protected!!!

Feel free to contact us anytime by email: [email protected] or Call: 802.468.7563